Welcome to Golden Sandwich!

Our company is a family business established in 1992 and based in Athens, Greece. We produce fresh sandwiches and salads daily and supply them wholesale to food service professionals throughout Attica with our own refrigerated trucks.

Our aim is to provide quality, delicious products at competitive prices. Our vision is to offer end customers quality, healthy snacks for every time of the day at our sales points.

During our many years of work, we are trusted daily by big public sector customers such as the Hellenic Police, the courts of Athens, PPC, hospitals, public schools, but also by private businesses such as well-known coffeehouse chains, refreshment bars, business & ship cafeterias and vending machine companies.

Our company’s strategic goal is to provide value to our customers, increasing their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations. Our commitment to quality, our focus on constant improvement, our competitiveness, our respect for the customer and the environment, our teamwork, our professional and ethical stance, are some of the values we embrace, and they guide all of our actions and decisions.


Choose from a variety of tasty sandwiches made with top-quality ingredients.


Fresh salads available daily throughout Attica.


Healthy bakery products for every time of the day at our sales points.


Big public and private organizations trust us
every day to supply their cafeterias: